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Goods Vehicle Operators

Here at Oliver Legal Solicitors, we understand that as an operator of Heavy Goods Vehicles that you are governed by a wide range of law governing the way that you must conduct your business.

Murray Oliver has over 20 years of experience in working in businesses regulated by the Traffic Commissioner and operating under the EU drivers hours rule, using Tachographs, Compliance with undertakings governing Maintenance, Drivers Walk Round Checks, and the many other pieces of legislation underwhich operators must conduct thier business.

Whilst most operators try really hard to comply with the rules, occasionally mistakes happen, and allegations are made which can make life as an operator difficult. Under the expert guidance of Murray Oliver, we can help operators to understand the law and find solutions to Operational Problems which will help you to remain compliant in the future.

Sometimes operators are prosecuted for offences relating to the operation of their vehicles or by the acts of thier drivers. We provide a full service supporting you through the investigation, PACE interviews, Summons, Court Hearings and Public Inquiry before the Traffic Commissioner. Our aim is to ensure Access to Justice for those people to make it their business to provide essential transport services to the community.

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