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PSV O Licence Applications

We can help you to get your application right first time

Over 85% of all Operator Licence Applications are incorrect or incomplete when they are submitted to the Traffic Commissioner. An incomplete or incorrect application leads to delay and this can hurt your new business or one that is trying to expand and operate more vehicles.

We have developed systems for submitting the applications to ensure that your application is correct first time. We also liaise with the Case workers in Leeds to ensure that your licence application is progressing through the system as fast as possible. Regular updates help our clients to stay on top of the process without having to give up their valuable time to progress the application.

Sometimes the Traffic Commissioner will need to inquire about aspects of the licence application and to do so the Application will be called to Public Inquiry. We help our clients to understand the reasons why their application has been called to Public Inquiry and we can help them to deal with any issues which might prevent the licence from being granted as applied for.


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