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HGV Public Inquiry

We can help HGV Operators to find a future for thier business when faced with a Public Inquiry

A Public Inquiry into an operators licence is often the end of a process of investigation into an operators compliance with the rules and regulations governing to operation of Goods Vehicles.

The beginnning of the process often starts with a prohibition either for a mechanical defect or poor compliance with the driver's hours rules. We encourage all of our clients to ask us to help as soon as thier business has come to the attnention of DVSA (formerly VOSA)

We can help you put in place measures to correct the problems identified so that you can ask for maximum credit for the steps taken at Public Inquiry. This will help you to minimise the effect of any regulatory action that the Traffic Commissioner may decide to take in your case. We will take the time to understand your business and your problems with compliance so that we can tailor a solution which will help you to demonstrate compliance for the future.

With our help we can try to ensure that you only ever have one Public Inquiry.


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